Art Reproduction Services

Do you dream of turning your original art into a passive income ? 

Giclee Art Reproductions might just be the answer you're looking for. With the assistance of the very talented Cathy from CD Fine Art Prints we can assist you to create a stunning reproduction of your art. 

Using high resolution scanning, photography and digital editing your artwork will be reproduced with exquisite detail. We can provide you with 

Art Reproduction

Pricing starts at $120.00 and includes high resolution photography or scanning of your artwork, perspective cropping of the image, minor editing including digital dust removal and colour correction.

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Printing, Presentation & Drop Shipping

Once your art file has been produced we can then work with you to create a saleable product. 

From print only, matted prints to framed prints. We can work with you to create the right products for your market, we can give you advice on creating your own Etsy store, selling locally and we can offer you a full drop shipping service so you can get on with creating new art while we take care of the rest.